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Digital Big Size 3D Printer Wholesale with CE

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  • Brand   FUSICA
  • Type   F-600
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3D Printer easy operate quick print speed
metal monocoque

Model number
Build Volume
Layer Height
Print Speed
XY Axis Accuracy
Z Axis Accuracy
Nozzle Diameter
Print technology
4.3 inch Touch Screen

Our Advantages:
Useful but rare function,the theory is that platform is controlled by the 3 ball screws and above there are 3 stepper motors.After the measurement of the nozzle,the three motors adjust height,and realize the leveling in very simple way.This thinking is very new and only we have this patent,avoid the complex procedure and artificial deviation,which is very attractive in inside 3d printing show.

2.Color Touch Screen
Good experience when use,and the menu is simple to operate,simple  to control and bi-language shift display and there are distinct differences from other complicated open-source screen.

3.Core XY structure:
Very simple in structure,XY motors are cascaded in same belt through same or opposite interaction to control the nozzle to move vertically and horizontally.This H type structure is very rare in national 3d printers besides we use linear guide rail instead of optical axis which can better control the precision of XY axis. Above all,it proves our d&r dept. have the exceptional minds and ability.

4.nstant detachable print head
Innovative unique print head design, make it easier for customer to operate and repair.Also to facilitate subsequent updates and replacement. And full wrap print head design not only can make sure the safety and anti-scald, but also can ensure the print head`s temperature, Simple and delicate.and the fan is designed of blowing the model downward to make sure the precision of the model.

5.ull type printing platform
A very useful feature, printing platform can be pulled out transversely,it is more convenient when taking off the model. Completely abandoned the traditional heat transfer design, it can make sure the model won`t warp, also can save energy and protect the environment.

We offer one year warranty.In considering the benefit of our customers, we are glad to extend a new policy of after-sale service,that is one year warranty of the print head. That is to say we can offer you a totally new print head for replacement in terms of any problems caused except artificial damage. Our service-oriented idea has risen to a new height.

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